It is the best day ever! I just completed some work for Drake Casino! It’s like my birthday and Christmas all rolled into one. They have some of my favorite games on their site, so when they contacted me for new scrolling banner ads to pop up on their pages, I wanted to fly to the moon. Max thought I was a little crazy, but he’s a cat and has a tendency to go a little bats from time to time, so who is he to judge?

I spent the morning building some new coin graphics, as the ones in their library didn’t sparkle enough for me. I really wanted the cascading jackpot to almost jump out at the user, just like if they were in Vegas and hit the big one on those old coin operated machines. Then I just couldn’t stop myself, and made a little point and click game out of the coins.

You win! You win more if you hit the coins while they fall into your bucket! I sent that part along with the regular banners and hey, they liked it! They added a bonus to my payout for the extra laugh. It’s not like it’ll get used on the site, but it was a bit of fun and I ended up getting paid for it.

Which is all bonus in the freelance world, let me tell you.

On the mundane side of the world, I tried a new brand of crisps today. They were awful! I crumpled up the wrapper before I finished. I guess I’ll just stick with Walkers. A friend has invited me to a show at the Albert Hall and I haven’t a thing to wear! lol But I bet there will be tons of fancy dresses for me to ogle and put in my mental graphic design cupboard. I have so many images on my phone that I snap while I’m out and about. I wonder how many people think I’m mad?

Till next time. Ta!