Ups and downs my friends. There are days when choosing to play in the online casino world can bite you. I had built up a nice little pile of cash at LeoVegas last week using free spins. I’ve been playing there since they hired me. And then this morning I placed a max bet and it crashed and now the site says I have a negative account balance. Like WTF! I’ve got a call into their support center, but the guy who answered was having a hard time with English. What did I do? Or was it them? Do I want to build a game for a site that is unstable?

My phone is still ringing. Yesterday it was that contacted me to work on the gokautomaat Secret of the Stones. Simple casino is the sister company of mrgreen and nederlandse gokkasten online which I have done work for in the past before I freelanced writing at the Thai no deposit bonus page atเครดิตฟรี/. They say I have a “style” they like. I used the same style as i used for I’m always left wondering which style it is that grabbed their attention. I’ve made little marbles for marble popping games, bread wrappers, signs for construction companies and even some really cool lace background for a fabric manufacturer. With any luck, they’ve seen some early shots of the Industrial Mining game and want some of it for themselves. I certainly hope so.

My new computer got a new desk, too. I’ve got three monitors tied together and now can compare, swap and build images using the setup like a art room at school.

I’m seeing him again tonight. He said he was getting transferred at work…to the same village my parents live in. That’s creepy, isn’t it? Or is it serendipity. I’m sure Mum would choose the latter. I’m going to try to keep my head on straight and not say something horrible. I’m liking dating the same guy for longer than a week.

The kittens are now climbing my curtains. Literally. Climbing kittens…it could be a new kid-friendly phone app! Do you suppose somebody at LeoVegas knows how to build apps?

Till next time. Ta!