It is like I hit the jackpot! But that news is for later.

It was a second date, which in itself is slightly terrifying. He took me out to Brighton, which when we made the date, it was supposed to be a perfect day for the weather. Well yeah, this is England. It was cold, windy and grey and there was some kind of problem with the electrics so all the shops by the pier were closed. I was crushed. I really didn’t want to spend the day inside anyway, so we walked out to the end of the pier and just watched the ocean.

The water can be mesmerizing. Just when you think you can see a pattern in the rise and swirl of the waves, it all changes. I started wondering if I have a randomization engine that would sufficiently duplicate that kind of motion to give a water game the right organic feel. The problems of a graphic artist in the 21st century!

So, news! The interview with Bgo didn’t work out the way I hoped, but that is okay. LeoVegas signed me up for the game project. They are being very generous with the rates and building in bonuses for early completion. The working title for the game is Industrial Mining. You dig for precious metals and gems with each spin. We’re going to work out if we can generate a new wheel, so to speak, and get rid of the traditional slot machine appearance. Maybe if we combined a crane game with a slot game? That could be fun. I’ve got to make notes.

Max came in this morning and brought a friend. She’s a young, black long hair. I figure she has to be lost, not feral. She cuddled in my lap. I posted notes around the neighborhood. I can’t decide if I want a second cat or if I’d be happier when she went home. Cute little thing.

Till next time. Ta!