I was so overdressed! The idiot of a date never told me it was a retro-rock concert combined with the Royal Philharmonic. I thought we were going to listen to Mozart or something. Nope. I never even heard of this band! I bet my Dad knew them when he was a tot. Not me. My red satin dress was totally out of place with all the ratty old t-shirts and jeans on everyone else. It was mortifying. Still, I took a ton of pics of the Hall. It is an amazing space. I’m going to use some of the medallions to build a new background tile for wallpaper.

Speaking of jobs! That gig with Drake really paid off. They must have used my stuff at some sort of industry convention or somewhat. I got calls from the no deposit free spins casino Bgo Casino and LeoVegas this week. Leo wants to set up a conference call with their design team to see if I’d like to join them on a permanent basis. After that set of emails I may have been literally dancing on my sofa. Max left for the afternoon when I bounced him out of his napping spot.

Bgo is working on building their own signature game and needs some unknowns to keep it fresh. I guess they are out to make a name for themselves. If I get to go along for the ride, that would be amazing.

Wouldn’t it just be wild if I got enough work in my favorite hobby area to pay for all the time I spend on those sites? Oh. Is that not what a job is for? lol Mom keeps asking me when I’m going to get out of this two-room flat and move back down the coast to be closer to her and Dad. I guess a new place would be a better use of my money, eh?

Meanwhile, I am working on static designs for a new candy wrapper. It can’t all be games and roses, can it?