Hey! I know it has been some time since I last posted, but that’s because I have been one busy girl! For starters that tiny little cat that Max brought home was his girlfriend. She had kittens! Under my bed! Two scrawny little tigers that make the most amazing noise when they are hungry. So, small distraction there. I’ve contacted our local shelter, but they can’t take the mom or the kittens for over a month. Max has been looking entirely too smug.

But that’s not the big news. 7red, one of the competitors of LeoVegas, wants me, too! They sent me five pages that needed a whole new layout. Web design is not really my ball of wax, but I gave it a shot. I created four new CSS for them and they loved them all. It really took their site away from the cartoonish appearance so many of the gaming sites have and gave it some class. Background tiles of real champagne, red satin sheets and images of currency all blended together for a sexy basis. When you start to layer on all those addictive Click and Win tiles, the site really took on a life of its own. God, I love my job.

I turned around the assignment so quickly that they dubbed me the Industrious Queen. I love that! Maybe it’ll be the name for this blog.

Has there even been an alien invasion game? Spaceships could make a really active foundation for some comets or something that explode into money. Sound effects. I need to call my guy in York and see if he has any new sound files to review.

I’m picking up a new computer this afternoon. It’s like I need a machine to crunch all the graphics and one just to handle boring stuff like email and banking stuff. I get paid after all!

We had a third date. He asked where my parents live. I am officially freaking out and a little in love, maybe.