Welcome to my world. I’m Jenny Ming, 27, spend most of my days forcing colors and shapes to my will and at night, love to cuddle up in the lounge with my cat, Max.

What am I blogging about? From time to time I’ll visit a museum, a con, or share what I think about the latest online game. Not only online slots but also there are many more casino games that are available each month.  My favorite is live roulette. That’s my addiction: online casinos. I think it’s all the pretty colors and sounds that keep my fingers clicking. Ooo! So Shiny! It can be extremely distracting and doesn’t do a thing for my day job as a freelance graphic designer. But we all have our soft spots, don’t we?

When did I start drawing? Oh, probably while I was still in nappies. But the real fun for me as an artist began in my first year of high school. My mum brought home our first Mac loaded with my first vector enabled graphics software, and I never looked back. Suddenly I was able to layer color, pattern, pictures of my pets and toys into collages I imagined would belong in a graphic novel. It set aside my questionable abilities as an animator and sent me straight towards the design world.

Now I can’t look at a new sign over a shop window without peeling apart the layers of font, texture, color, light and images. It is sort of a past time. What would happen if the bookshop sign lived on my laptop and could move? I can do that now, along with adding special effects and music. It’s like having a bottomless well of art tools at my fingertips. Only the limitations of current computers stop me from flinging my creations onto the walls of my studio.

There will be a day when we can do that. Just imagine! Holograms dancing in your lounge instead of another episode of Alan Carr. Maybe I could make a mouse for Max to play with.

Well, until we meet again. Ta!